Where are we now?

We ‘re off

 Our truck is known as w1icu-9 …HAM Radio stuff

 Click…..HERE…..to see where we have traveled to today...

9 comments on “Where are we now?
  1. John Nesbitt says:

    Safe travels …. Your adventures will be a story that we will enjoy reading ….

    • Dick Page says:

      Hi Tom & Barbara,
      Got you spotted in Penn.
      In addition to your choices, I have compiled a list of my own personal 100 most enjoyed movies from my inventory.
      They will be copied and shipped periodically, with your selected titles requests.
      Have a safe journey.

  2. Dan says:

    Your sight brings Tearstrams to my eyes. Incredible.

    We will toast you tomorrow night at Neighborhood Watch.

    I am DC bound as of 8/21 but Sue & Chance will be around to yell at passing cars.

    Your hedges look sweet. Apparently they are the talk of the neighborhood.

    If you are going to be back on the eastern seaboard this fall stop by the Smithsonian. No lines for you.


  3. Stephen says:

    Getting cold in Georgia-Glad you both could see the cabin-My sisters were up last week-end-Fire down by the pond and a lot of wine-nancy caught Walter with a hunk of ham-miss you guys glad you made it to Florida-Stephen & Susan

  4. Pam Medley says:

    Hello Barb and Tom. Miss you here in Royal Palm. Only ones left here in the park are Sandy & Joe, Sybil and Dale, Edith, Judy, Lorraine & Bill, Lisa & Bill, Deb & Archie and us. enjoy reading of your adventures, keep it up. Safe travels and see you this Fall. Pam & Danny(Kentucky)

  5. John Nesbitt says:

    Great seeing you both in Bradenton …. Love to hear where you are now …

    • Hi John, we are in Louisiana now. You do know that if you go to the
      “Where are we now ” page and press “Click….HERE it will take you to a map that shows me driving along or parked, live

  6. Jim Lyons says:

    Hi Tom and Barb! Stay South, it is still cold up North! Made it safely back to RI, and will be heading to NW corner of Iowa in a few weeks for the summer, and Glacier in August. Let us know if you will be in the vicinity.

  7. John Nesbitt says:

    Great thanks.

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