A Start



In 1998 we were sailing our Catalina 27 back from P-town on Cape Cod and Barbara said,  “You know, if we lived aboard, we would not have to be going home.” WOW! So that started it. We bought a 35 foot Island Packet, sold almost everything we owned, house, car, had a giant yard sale. Moved aboard for five years.


For five years Barbara and I lived full-time on that sailboat. Great adventure and fun times, but it did limit some of the places we could visit. So, we sold the boat, bought a small home on the water and had room for a garden and HAM radio antennas. We gutted and rebuilt our current home and went off camping as much as we could.

Exploring places we just could not get to with a BOAT.

We just got too old to tent camp.

My friend and mentor Doug then built us a Teardrop camper that became our vehicle to explore the country.


After this season of travel through KY, TN, GA. We decided to change tents….

After a lot of looking and reading we now have a 2007 Airstream 25 Safari RB.

And we have a lot to learn.


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