Watching “The Open”

So now that we’re back on the road… the “tourists” in us is apparent, and we’re loving it! 

First stop after leaving Florida… Dahlonega, Georgia to visit with this little cutie.  Miss Emily Wilson, Tom’s granddaughter.  

Onto Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Pretty amazing.  This is a beautiful sculpture on the face of the mountain, commemorating the War Between the States and the Confederate history.

Then we discovered Chattanooga, Tennessee!  How many times can you sing 🎼 Pardon me boys….is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?  I sang it a lot. Even got Tom to sing with me!  We enjoyed the city very much. The Tennessee Aquarium is world class… on the Tenn River so it contained lots of fresh water exhibits.  The river is beautiful…took a nice boat tour.

Butterflies everywhere!  Very cool!

Right now, we’re enjoying our beautiful new Airstream and the air conditioning that it’s pumping out, watching “The Open” on TV.  Charlestown State Park in Indiana.  Temps in the high 90’s and rainy, so we thought we’d do nothing this afternoon.

So till next time…. sending our love.


Doug Sharp and Tom Wilson are building 2 Stripbuild Melonseeds. And Barbara and Tom's Camping travels.

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One comment on “Watching “The Open”
  1. Lynn says:

    Your looking good on the road again. Great sites. Hope weather cooperates.
    Emily is adorable
    So keep on rolling but we miss you in Fl
    Lynn and Al
    🎶pardon me boys🎶

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