It Has Been Awhile!!

A lot has happened since our last post. Again we spent the winter with wonderful friends in Royal Palm RV park in the Florida Keys.


But, as we travelled North and South through Florida in 2015 we found an area that intrigued us. House searching took a while. The city of North Port is 20 minutes off the beaches of Venice and Englewood. Just out of the major tourist zone. The city is bordered by two rivers, the Peace River and the Myakka  River. Both of these empty into Port Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico.

While home (New England) for Thanksgiving 2015, we found a home online. Driving back to the Keys we stopped for a look and made an offer. Five months later we own a home in Florida.


It needed a bit of spit and paint and help from friends and family but, now it is home. It is a large lot with lots of Live Oak trees, and room for stuff and fun. Very few neighbors, actually we can’t see any from the house.

We have a bunch of friends though. bobcats, tortoise, snakes and strange bugs.

None of them are a bother, just fascinating.

Before enjoying and working on all of this, we had to go Home to New England and sell and move out of the house that we rebuilt to stay in forever . Life is never very still for us.


 With some help we used two U-Haul


This is the day we sold it

The sale took about 15 minutes.  We know they will be happy, ‘cept for the snow.

The trip to Florida took longer and moving in was a ton of work.  But, we love it!


A special Thanks to Tricia & Paul  and Lynn & Al !

There is space for guests and places to have fun here and nearby.


What an adventure….Oh, did I mention we got a new AIRSTREAM !



Doug Sharp and Tom Wilson are building 2 Stripbuild Melonseeds. And Barbara and Tom's Camping travels.

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One comment on “It Has Been Awhile!!
  1. Jean says:

    …and Scott and I can vouch for the fact that Tom and Barb have a beautiful new place and are the best hosts around! We were able to visit them for a couple of days on our way north this past spring, and our visit could not have been more delightful. We are happy for you, Tom and Barb, and looking forward to seeing you again soon. And by the way, congratulations on the new Airstream – can’t wait to see it in person!

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