Catching Up

I was talking with my friend Lynn the other day when I mentioned our visit to Vegas.  “That wasn’t in the blog” she said…  Looking over the pictures I’m realizing that indeed we’re falling behind.  So… the following might be a bit random… but I’ll try to present some context with the captions!

From inside the Hoover Dam.

Yes, we were inside this very wall…. Pretty cool!

What happens in Vegas…  I will say though that we came out ahead!  $1.00.

The “off season” in Nevada.  We didn’t stay long.

Off to Arizona and The Grand Canyon!  And grand it is!  Absolutely amazing!  

Tricia and Paul flew out for a visit and we toured the Canyon and Sedona.  So nice to see you guys!

Who knew!  Really, who knew?  

So then we quickly passed through New Mexico and these big horns greeted us in Texas!  Texas Longhorns were nearly extinct because of undesirable meat.  Texans are bringing them back for conservation purposes… nostalgia I guess.  This is a very rare site.

This little beauty visited us at lunch on the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City.  The Oklahoma River enters and leaves the city as the Canadian River, but it’s the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City.  We are full of these trivial facts!  We love retirement!

And then onto the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.   1995!   The memorial is on the site of the building.  These are chairs for each of the 168 people lost that day, with small chairs for the children.  

And across the street, Jesus’ back is to the site.  Very moving.


Sunflowers line most of the streets in AZ, NM, Tx, and now in OK.  We remember them from this time last year in the Dakotas and Nebraska too! Massachusetts needs some sunflowers!  

Now we’re headed into Arkansas after Labor Day… and we’re all caught up!  Stay tuned!



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2 comments on “Catching Up
  1. Kevin O'Donnell says:

    You have so many great pictures keep post them.

    love Kevin & Joanne

  2. Desiree says:

    This can’t be right… Is the most recent update really from September? Where ya been??

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