Signs of The Times

We depend a lot on state road maps and books, also our GPS and IPad.

The GPS needs constant checking because “she”(the voice) is frequently wrong!

So, we get our information from a lot of signs. In Florida we saw this one and later saw the real thing, I thought it was a dog and tried to coax it out of a bush.

We do try to get some exercise.

Cows, cattle, steers, whatever…
we enjoy seeing them in the fields, roads and canyons.

Sometimes they go one way, sometimes the other..


 Then, We hit the Rocky Mountains and the animals got harder to see and bigger.

 There are some that indicate a potential bad decision ahead…be careful!

Yup, we have seen our first. It rattled at us too as it slithered away.

Here are some others…

For some reason people with guns really don’t like some signs. 

We are starting to head back to Florida because we have to get a alligator crossing sign.

This is the first we have been below 5000 ft in a while. We are near Canton OK for a few days then Tulsa for the holiday. 

Stay tuned 


Doug Sharp and Tom Wilson are building 2 Stripbuild Melonseeds. And Barbara and Tom's Camping travels.

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5 comments on “Signs of The Times
  1. Lynn and Al says:

    Love it!! Great post.

  2. Charlie and Diane says:

    Hi Tom and Barbara, Great Signs are still in store for your trips. IF you go back to Florida, let me know, I’ll steer you to Chuck McLeavy . Safe cruzin’ WB1AAJ

  3. Wonderful post – so fun to hear about your travels. See you at Royal Palm RV Park this winter!

  4. Kevin O'Donnell says:

    Tom and Barb great signs.
    Kevin & Joanne

  5. Stephen says:

    The signs reminded me of the song signs signs everywhere signs-let us know when you are in our neck of the woods-Stephen and Susan-safe travels

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