A Marathon of National Parks

Choosing to avoid Glacier National Park in Montana because of the many wildfires, we headed toward Yellowstone in Wyoming.  We got an early morning start, and with Tom early morning is early!  Good thing though, because the crowds were significant.  

Yellowstone is breathtaking!  There’s no wonder everyone in the U.S., Europe, and China wants to visit!

The bison were strolling where they damn well chose, and if they were on the road traffic stopped.  They are big animals!

The geysers and hot springs at Yellowstone are spectacular.  Old Faithful is what you hear about, but the fields of geysers are awesome.

Zion National Park in Utah… smaller than Yellowstone but spectacular in a very different way.  High rock formations are the theme here… unbelievably dramatic!

 Zion NP pictures

Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah was next on the list.  

 Cedar Breaks and Bryce Canyon pictures


We chose Cedar Breaks because we heard it was beautiful and like a mini-Bryce Canyon.  It was everything we heard and more… At 10,000 ft the temp was cold and refreshing.

Bryce Canyon Utah and Cedar Breaks Utah were so similar that I can’t tell which pictures are which!  I do know the flowers however are from Cedar Breaks.  Enjoy!


The last Campground we were at was on Rte 66.

Grand Canyon caverns 



Doug Sharp and Tom Wilson are building 2 Stripbuild Melonseeds. And Barbara and Tom's Camping travels.

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7 comments on “A Marathon of National Parks
  1. Lori Lavac says:

    Hi Barbara and TomThis looks so wonderful. We were headed there

  2. Bob C says:

    Tom sorry I missed your call last week. Jean and I drove on parts of Route 66. She keptt calling me Buzz. Besides the Canyon, we stayed in Flagstaff and visited Sedona and swam in a river in a state park there. Also went to Bearerama where you drove by bears with no fencing. Buying a new HF rig next week. Oh yeh we spent a week in Prince Edward Island this summer. Stay safe and stay in touch.

  3. John Nesbitt says:

    So enjoying your journey … Stay away from the fires …

  4. doug says:

    Tom recognized the headlamp…you’ve lost weight!

  5. Lynne Adams says:

    Get your kicks on……

  6. Susan Goodwin says:

    Glad you guys are safe. Lovely pictures. I knew I should have been a nurse!!! I would love me some 10,000 feet clear and cool air!!! Travel safe. Susan and Stephen

  7. Al Zenker says:

    What beautiful scenery. The cool weather sounds fabulous. Back in Fl and it is Hot. Enjoy

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