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A Modern Wonder of The World

   The Grand Coulée Dam in Grand Coulée, Washington was built between 1933-1941.  Absolutely amazing!!!  On the tour a question was, “How does the Grand Voulee compare to the Hoover Dam?”  The guide said that the Hoover was a “pipsqueak”.

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Oregon pronounced Oregun

There’s a lot about Oregon that keeps it unique… The coast and the Pacific Northwest version of “the beach” run counter to the sun and fun vision.  Bold winds, rough seas, and fog greeted us.  Absolute beautiful landscape!     There’s

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Happy 4th of July!

Camping at Cape Blanco State Park, Oregon, about 75 miles from California.  This is the western most point in Oregon.   The campground is windy, foggy, and very cool with temps from the low 50’s to the high 60’s.  We’re

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Idaho, Lots More Here Than Potatoes!

  That little dot at the top of that hill is a person.  This is Crater of the Moon National Monument.  We camped here in the blackest earth we’ve ever seen.       Just like it’s name, it truly felt

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