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Wanderlust, an irresistible desire to travel. Stratton, Vermont… we fell onto a 4 day yoga event that was huge! Hundreds of cool yoga types and their vendors giving away free granola bars and rides on the gondola to the mountain

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“Balloons UP”

It was another windy day and we had already been to the launch three times , just to see it cancelled due to high winds. It was fire and wine time, just after dinner at the campsite….. Suddenly a shout

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All this way, no balloons!

Made it to Vermont Thursday , by Friday morning the rains finally caught up to us. This continued through Saturday afternoon. Off to the Quechee balloon festival. This annual event is run by the Chamber of Commerce. They bring in

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Ohio has some great driving roads. The locals sometimes make driving interesting . I don’t understand how trucks and campers do not spook these horses. Finally got some radio time in on Museum Ships Weekend. Running QRP (low power) I

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When In Rome…

Indiana into Ohio is a beautiful drive, albeit flat. Being that it’s spring time, the farm fields are young or just being planted. It’ll be interesting when we return in July to see the progress of the crops. We’ll be

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What Our Followers Want!

We know you want pictures. Of course you want pictures… but it seems the good pics are not in the right camera. We will fix this glitch because we don’t want to lose your interest! We do feel the love.

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