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Flirting With the Midwest

Right now we’re in Warsaw, Indiana, and calling it the “Midwest”. As we ate dinner at a restaurant on the banks of the Ohio River, we asked and indeed the waitress proclaimed this is the Midwest. She lived a mile

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Hanging with Daniel Boone

Today is Saturday, May 24, 2014. It’s a beautiful morning in Kentucky at the Blue Heron National Park Campground just north of the Tennessee border. Bull frogs are amazing! All night long they make the most annoying noises…loud and irritating.

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We are safe and dry in PA

The camp we are in is Ives Run Recreation Area. A unit of the Army Corps of Engineers…this group can run a campground. Then it started to rain. In the morning everyone was at the boat ramp pulling boats with

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No Hooping in the Rain

It has been raining heavily for the past 12 hours, with no sign of clearing. The weather radio has issued flood warnings, but we’re in a campground run by the Army Corps of Engineers so I feel safe. We’re in

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Equestrian bugs in NY

Broke a rule Monday and drove too long. It took 60 miles of driving to get to a state park that was 5 miles away by GPS. The campground was not yet open! The road was impossible to try and

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Thanks Willy, On The Road…….

Well, this is it, we are packed and probably way too heavy. We will miss so many wonderful people and times here. There are so many new places and friends ahead…can’t wait!   Please follow us and comment. There will

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Moving Day

I keep carrying stuff out. Every box I put half of it back…changing to a full timer is not easy. A web search discovered a way to take off some of the wonder about where to stay sometimes. There is

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