Airstreams… Airstreams… Everywhere!!!


Jackson Center, Ohio is home to the one and only Airstream factory.  They pump 90 of these out a week!  There’s a daily tour of the factory, which we went on and enjoyed.  It was our 3rd trip to the mother ship and our 2nd tour… Guess who drank the kool-aid?  Pretty cool place.  We needed some minor adjustments and off we went.

Off to Cleveland!  Yes, I said Cleveland!  What the hell, it was right there.  We stopped by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… then onto the Cleveland Museum of Art!  The museum was wonderful… a true world-class gallery of breathtaking exhibits within a fabulous campus of architectural beauty.  I liked this a lot.


Next stop, Tioga Lake, PA to a great campground Ives Run.  We’ve been here a few times before, but this time we were able to visit our dear friend Nick Nickolaus from Royal Palm RV Park in Big Pine Key, FL.  Nick owns a beautiful farm nearby in Knoxville PA.  It was a true pleasure to see him and to be able to see his amazing home.  As an added treat we visited Gerry Graham, another good friend from BPK.  And yes, he too has a farm!  Beautiful too!  Great afternoon!  Now we’ll know for where they speak.IMG_3003

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Watching “The Open”

So now that we’re back on the road… the “tourists” in us is apparent, and we’re loving it! 

First stop after leaving Florida… Dahlonega, Georgia to visit with this little cutie.  Miss Emily Wilson, Tom’s granddaughter.  

Onto Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Pretty amazing.  This is a beautiful sculpture on the face of the mountain, commemorating the War Between the States and the Confederate history.

Then we discovered Chattanooga, Tennessee!  How many times can you sing 🎼 Pardon me boys….is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?  I sang it a lot. Even got Tom to sing with me!  We enjoyed the city very much. The Tennessee Aquarium is world class… on the Tenn River so it contained lots of fresh water exhibits.  The river is beautiful…took a nice boat tour.

Butterflies everywhere!  Very cool!

Right now, we’re enjoying our beautiful new Airstream and the air conditioning that it’s pumping out, watching “The Open” on TV.  Charlestown State Park in Indiana.  Temps in the high 90’s and rainy, so we thought we’d do nothing this afternoon.

So till next time…. sending our love.

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It Has Been Awhile!!

A lot has happened since our last post. Again we spent the winter with wonderful friends in Royal Palm RV park in the Florida Keys.


But, as we travelled North and South through Florida in 2015 we found an area that intrigued us. House searching took a while. The city of North Port is 20 minutes off the beaches of Venice and Englewood. Just out of the major tourist zone. The city is bordered by two rivers, the Peace River and the Myakka  River. Both of these empty into Port Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico.

While home (New England) for Thanksgiving 2015, we found a home online. Driving back to the Keys we stopped for a look and made an offer. Five months later we own a home in Florida.


It needed a bit of spit and paint and help from friends and family but, now it is home. It is a large lot with lots of Live Oak trees, and room for stuff and fun. Very few neighbors, actually we can’t see any from the house.

We have a bunch of friends though. bobcats, tortoise, snakes and strange bugs.

None of them are a bother, just fascinating.

Before enjoying and working on all of this, we had to go Home to New England and sell and move out of the house that we rebuilt to stay in forever . Life is never very still for us.


 With some help we used two U-Haul


This is the day we sold it

The sale took about 15 minutes.  We know they will be happy, ‘cept for the snow.

The trip to Florida took longer and moving in was a ton of work.  But, we love it!


A special Thanks to Tricia & Paul  and Lynn & Al !

There is space for guests and places to have fun here and nearby.


What an adventure….Oh, did I mention we got a new AIRSTREAM !


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Spring is here!!

Our last post was September. Sorry, but a lot has been happening.  Most of Oct/Nov was spent roaming through Florida then on to Big Pine Key for the winter.

Had a blast By ourselves on a Native Airboat in the Everglades.

And enjoyed some kayaking in the rivers and shallows of the Gulf.

When we were on our way we got to see some old friends who now live in Florida, John and Suzie, Lynne and Tom, Sue and Dan, and Lynn and Al, ‘NOK Bob. 

Al and Lynn came over Christmas and we fished and footballed…GO Pats..

Trisha and Paul visited the keys and we had fun beach hunting and bridge fishing.

Paul got then only keeper!

We had a great season at Royal Palm RV BPK such wonderful friends.  We will be back next winter.

We bought a house!  North Port, Florida.  Found it in November on line while we were in Boston.  Made an offer in December on our way back to the Keys.  Passed papers in April after a torturous wait (short sale), and moved right in!

Great private location on 3/4 of an acre… 26 minutes to the ocean… 10 minutes to the Myakka River… near Interstate 75, Venice, Sarasota, and Port Charlotte… all the shopping and transportation ever needed!

The house is awesome.  Three bedrooms!  A pool!  No furniture!  The furniture is coming in the fall… yes, after we sell our home in Quincy.  Life moves in funny ways. 

So with all these bedrooms and plenty of space for family and friends,  we hope to have many visitors.  Returning to Quincy in early June, we plan to see everyone… a busy and exciting summer awaits. 

Meanwhile the Airstream is taking a well deserved rest in North Port.  See you all soon!

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Catching Up

I was talking with my friend Lynn the other day when I mentioned our visit to Vegas.  “That wasn’t in the blog” she said…  Looking over the pictures I’m realizing that indeed we’re falling behind.  So… the following might be a bit random… but I’ll try to present some context with the captions!

From inside the Hoover Dam.

Yes, we were inside this very wall…. Pretty cool!

What happens in Vegas…  I will say though that we came out ahead!  $1.00.

The “off season” in Nevada.  We didn’t stay long.

Off to Arizona and The Grand Canyon!  And grand it is!  Absolutely amazing!  

Tricia and Paul flew out for a visit and we toured the Canyon and Sedona.  So nice to see you guys!

Who knew!  Really, who knew?  

So then we quickly passed through New Mexico and these big horns greeted us in Texas!  Texas Longhorns were nearly extinct because of undesirable meat.  Texans are bringing them back for conservation purposes… nostalgia I guess.  This is a very rare site.

This little beauty visited us at lunch on the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City.  The Oklahoma River enters and leaves the city as the Canadian River, but it’s the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City.  We are full of these trivial facts!  We love retirement!

And then onto the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.   1995!   The memorial is on the site of the building.  These are chairs for each of the 168 people lost that day, with small chairs for the children.  

And across the street, Jesus’ back is to the site.  Very moving.


Sunflowers line most of the streets in AZ, NM, Tx, and now in OK.  We remember them from this time last year in the Dakotas and Nebraska too! Massachusetts needs some sunflowers!  

Now we’re headed into Arkansas after Labor Day… and we’re all caught up!  Stay tuned!


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Signs of The Times

We depend a lot on state road maps and books, also our GPS and IPad.

The GPS needs constant checking because “she”(the voice) is frequently wrong!

So, we get our information from a lot of signs. In Florida we saw this one and later saw the real thing, I thought it was a dog and tried to coax it out of a bush.

We do try to get some exercise.

Cows, cattle, steers, whatever…
we enjoy seeing them in the fields, roads and canyons.

Sometimes they go one way, sometimes the other..


 Then, We hit the Rocky Mountains and the animals got harder to see and bigger.

 There are some that indicate a potential bad decision ahead…be careful!

Yup, we have seen our first. It rattled at us too as it slithered away.

Here are some others…

For some reason people with guns really don’t like some signs. 

We are starting to head back to Florida because we have to get a alligator crossing sign.

This is the first we have been below 5000 ft in a while. We are near Canton OK for a few days then Tulsa for the holiday. 

Stay tuned 

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A Marathon of National Parks

Choosing to avoid Glacier National Park in Montana because of the many wildfires, we headed toward Yellowstone in Wyoming.  We got an early morning start, and with Tom early morning is early!  Good thing though, because the crowds were significant.  

Yellowstone is breathtaking!  There’s no wonder everyone in the U.S., Europe, and China wants to visit!

The bison were strolling where they damn well chose, and if they were on the road traffic stopped.  They are big animals!

The geysers and hot springs at Yellowstone are spectacular.  Old Faithful is what you hear about, but the fields of geysers are awesome.

Zion National Park in Utah… smaller than Yellowstone but spectacular in a very different way.  High rock formations are the theme here… unbelievably dramatic!

 Zion NP pictures
Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah was next on the list.  

 Cedar Breaks and Bryce Canyon pictures

We chose Cedar Breaks because we heard it was beautiful and like a mini-Bryce Canyon.  It was everything we heard and more… At 10,000 ft the temp was cold and refreshing.

Bryce Canyon Utah and Cedar Breaks Utah were so similar that I can’t tell which pictures are which!  I do know the flowers however are from Cedar Breaks.  Enjoy!


The last Campground we were at was on Rte 66.

Grand Canyon caverns

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The Beautiful West

Mount Rainier, WA, surprised us around a bend in the road.  

Washington is the “Evergreen State”.  We were surprised here as well to find dessert over more than half the state!

Update, experimenting with a way to show more PICS.  Click or copy and paste this URL:
Great wineries in Washington!  Especially enjoyed our visit to 14 Hands.


More cows!  Montana’s  mountains offer scenes like this everywhere!
Everything in the mountains smells good too!

Lovely RV park in Ennis, MT.  The airstream is looking a little worn.

The Blue Moon.

Next stop….. Yellowstone National Park.  Stay tuned.  

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A Modern Wonder of The World

The Grand Coulée Dam in Grand Coulée, Washington was built between 1933-1941.  Absolutely amazing!!!  On the tour a question was, “How does the Grand Voulee compare to the Hoover Dam?”  The guide said that the Hoover was a “pipsqueak”.  That’s how they talk out here.

Built along the Columbia River in north central Washington, the Grand Coulée is a marvel of pre-WWII construction.  The power from the dam is supplied to eleven western states!  It is one of the largest concrete structures in the world, containing nearly 12 million cubic yards of concrete!  For purposes of comparison, the Hoover Dam contains 3.25 million cubic yards.  

We were able to find this vista for viewing point.  The structure at Tom’s foot has tiny little cars crossing.  

The Visitor Center offers a tour taking a bus part way over the dam as well as into the pump area.  Security was very serious with metal detectors and armed escorts for the bus.  I wanted a picture of the Security personnel, but decided not to ask when they failed to laugh at my jokes.

The movies at the VC had great old footage of men hanging by a thread as they scaled the cranes and concrete, wearing fedoras!  The good old days!

So that was this morning’s adventure.  With the temps hitting the high 90’s we then had lunch and headed to Roosevelt Lake which was created by the dam.  A quick swim cooled us off nicely.  Leaving tomorrow for more of Washington!  

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Oregon pronounced Oregun

There’s a lot about Oregon that keeps it unique… The coast and the Pacific Northwest version of “the beach” run counter to the sun and fun vision.  Bold winds, rough seas, and fog greeted us.  Absolute beautiful landscape!


There’s a whole sense of being at a different ocean.  The west perspective is strange…never realizing how aware we in the east are of where the ocean lies until it’s all flipped around!  Good thing Tom has a good sense of direction, because I sure don’t!


Then there’s the whales.  Grey whales can be seen right off shore… they’re at times within 50 feet, blowing and swimming around!  And… they’re huge, averaging 35-45 feet!  They are the only bottom feeding whale, scraping up the mud and stuff from the bottom, filtering their chosen diet through baleens.  Their showmanship is less dramatic than our beloved humpbacks, but a long boat ride isn’t necessary to spot them.  Very cool!  No whale pics, but I’m sure they were under there!


We took a fun seaside harbor tour where whales were the star attraction, but crabs were highlighted as well.  Dungeoness crabs are a really big deal out here.  Our east coast bias… lots of work for little yield… but it is tasty!


I have to mention the trees.  Oregon has the tallest trees we have ever seen.  They are enormous!  We stayed at Union Creek Campground in the National Forest  near Crater Lake.  The day before we arrived, a tree fell right in the campground… it had to be 75 feet tall with a shallow root system at least 15 feet in diameter!  It happened after a rain.  Apparently it’s a rare happening.


This is Crater Lake.  I need to write about Painted Rocks too, but too much for one blog I’m told, so stay tuned!

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